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Strategy for Life

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Our forthcoming book, Strategy for Life (2024), outlines a step-by-step plan for building up your personal strategy. It helps answer questions such as “How do I build a resilient life in a ever-changing world?”, “how do I define an overarching goal for my life?” or “I have so many problems that I am so overwhelmed. How can I prioritize and approach them?” or “How do I manage my limited time to address the many tasks I need to do?” or “How can I get the support I need from others around me, to build mutually beneficial and fulfilling lives?” and so on. We recommend you read the book, or take one of our courses, when they become available later in the year, but in the meantime, you can chat with our chatbot trained on the book to have a sneak preview. You can find more details here.

[Note: This is an experimental approach to training GenAI on a book. While we have done our best, it is subject to current limitations of technology, and the AI often paraphrases the content so it is not exactly as in the book. We recommend that you exercise discretion and judgement in applying the suggestions.]

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